About Koorui


About Koorui

KOORUI represents the cutting edge in modern technology, a subsidiary of the renowned HKC— a behemoth in the semiconductor display industry. Designed specifically for the demands and tastes of the young generation, KOORUI monitors are perfect for both office and entertainment purposes. With HKC's well-established display industry chain as our backbone, we assure premium quality through excellent raw materials, state-of-the-art technology, rigorous quality control, and unparalleled customer service. Our aim is clear: to establish KOORUI as a trusted and cherished display brand for the youth.

Introducing HKC

One of China's top three large-scale LCD panel manufacturers.

A forerunner in vertical integration within China's display industry.

Proudly holds a position in the top three for display sales in China.

Globally, HKC's TV OEM shipments are among the top five.

Koorui Milestones:

1997: Pioneered with our own brand power supply factory.

2003: Established Shenzhen HKC Plastic Co., Ltd.

2004: Founded Weijing Computer Equipment & Sambada Electroacoustics.

2005: Ventured beyond borders with HKC Europe B.V.

2006: Expanded our global presence with offices in the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Russia, and beyond.

2008: Earned the 31st spot among Shenzhen's Top 100 enterprises.

2013: Recognized as one of the Shenzhen Top 100 Quality Enterprises.

2015: Joined the ranks of the top 500 manufacturing industries in China.

2021: Marked the birth of the global C-end client brand: Koorui.

2022: Koorui celebrates the achievement of being the top-selling monitor on Amazon in multiple countries.

About Koorui Vision

At KOORUI, we envision a world where technology brings zest and dimension to life. We're not just creating products; we're crafting experiences. By introducing innovative, fresh, and interesting products, we aim to spark the imagination and creativity of young users. Our ambition extends beyond mere product delivery. With continuous advancements, we strive to offer three-dimensional, comprehensive smart life solutions, ensuring our users a life brimming with quality and joy.

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